Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm featured!!

My hanging hoop that I made for the hanging hoop wall pocket swap last fall is being featured today over at  Fishsticks designs, the original maker of the hanging hoop!! 
Check it out here! 
 I can't forget to show you the awesome hoop I got in return from the lovely Krista!!! I was so honored to receive something from her! I've always loved & admired her works of art!

I just love rich colored patchwork! Well, you know me, I love anything patchwork for that matter!:)


  1. that is so great Karen! I am so happy I get to look at and use the hanging hoop you made everyday :)

  2. Just found your darling blog via Zakka Style Sew Along. I'll be watching for more posts now! Your projects are so cool, with lovely workmanship!

  3. Love the fabrics you've used for the hanging hoop. They're gorgeous!


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