Monday, September 9, 2013

~the sewing room swap~

In my last post I just showed you all the amazing Goodies I received from Angela in ~the Sewing room swap~ & now I'd like to show you what I made & sent off to my partner!
I was a bit unsure at first, since it seemed like my partners style was so different from what I'd usually sew, but she was also pretty open to anything. I decided she could use a sewing machine cover & something to hang on her wall for tool organization. I was very happy with how the machine cover ended up & kind of wished I could have kept it! I started out with a fabric pull that would fit her style/sewing area & was very happy with the positive response I got right away! It makes sewing for someone in a swap so much easier when they are involved & I want to thank her for that!! I also knew right away that I wanted to do some paper pieced letters on the front & of course what word is more perfect than this for a machine cover? =) I thought the mushroom would add a fun whimsical touch as well.

 I opted to just make this a one panel cover, binding it like a quilt & adding twill measuring tape ties to the side for closure. I really waffled on the binding color but am very happy with how the bright blue ties the whole piece together & I think it will be a perfect match in my partners space.

Its also fully reversible so she can switch it to this side if she gets tired of the other! Had to sneak in a tag to make it look more professional. =) The quilting is easier to see on these photos, just a simple organic line to mimic the pattern in the main background print. (Which is "Bye Bye Birdy for Windham Fabrics in case your wondering.) I love the structure the quilting gives this project & you cant beat it for speed either.

This is the second time I've made one of these organizer pocket hoops & I still love them! They are a fairly quick project yet so, so helpful in the sewing room! I use mine every day, for my cutters & small scissors. I had to add a bit of HR doggies since I know my partner will be thrilled with it.=) Some of you have mentioned wanting a tutorial on the hoop pocket, any more interest in that? If so I may be able to do one of those for you in the week or so.  

Here is the whole package right before I packed it up & sent it out on its long journey home. It includes, the machine cover, hanging hoop pocket, spool mug rug, (because who doesn't have drink setting next to them when their sewing?!) a key fob, baby charm pack & a roll of washi tape. 

I enjoyed this swap immensely & am already looking forward to the second round!!!  Thanks again Linda for organizing it! xx
Happy sewing & swapping! xKaren

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Packages tied up with string

These are few of my favorite things! Today I received an amazing package in the mail that was even wrapped with string! It was my ~sewing room swap~  !!!!! I squealed when I saw the return address cause I knew I was in for a treat! It was from the super sweet & famous Angela of Cut to pieces!  She totally spoiled me & the box was full of so many absolutely darling & well thought out goodies! I do love a good swap box & try to add lots of fun treats in the ones I send out as well. 
First peek!! 

 I simply adore these retro colored dipping bowls! Great find Angela! Also there is sweet vintage fabric, a beautiful vintage apron, (that may end up hanging in my kitchen with my other vintage apron.=)) More washi tape for my collection & tiny & sweet wooden buttons.

The whole amazing package!!! Its so, so gorgeous & I feel so very blessed to have had Angela as my partner!

Look at this gorgeous sewing machine cover!!!! Its so nice & sturdy, sweet fabric, beautifully done & quilted in my favorite lines.

I think the handle is a fun detail & again so expertly done. 

And as if that's not all, she also sent me this gorgeous mini wall quilt!!!!! Love the paper pieced bowls & embroidery. I'm still trying to decide where I'll hang this one. It would also be perfect in my kitchen! lol Too bad its so small & has almost no wall space.

I did try it out on the wall with my thread & its looks pretty good there, so it might just stay. 
Thanks again Angela for the swap package of the century & also Linda for organizing the swap & doing such a fabulous job at partnering!
I've got my package all ready to head out on its long journey, but I'll save that for its own post.
Happy sewing & swapping!! xKaren

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Heather Ross Love

I'd thought I'd give you a few more yummy fabric photos in the way of a few new Heather Ross pieces I've acquired this week. First of all this A.MAZE.ING stack of the long oop Far Far Away that someone mentioned finding in a shop & of course I had to get a bit for myself! I wasn't "into" modern quilting & fabrics back when it came out, so I am beyond thrilled to have a few of my own! Its gauze & will be gorgeous in little dresses if I can bear to cut into it! :0

Next we have a bit of Briar Rose. Heathers newest line & still readily available in most shops. =) I'll blame this purchase on Kelly who let us all know that the charm packs were on sale for $2.50!! Too bad you could only get one, but I snuck a few other cuties in my cart that I hadn't had yet anyway. These colors are so beautiful & very vibrant in real life! I got a few close ups for you too since the little bee's & crickets in this line are just too darling!

Happy Sewing & stashing! xxKaren