Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Sewing Room

This post has been a long time in coming & I'm so excited to share my favorite room with you all today! This room has been a "catchall" for far too long & I've been making do by sewing in the permanent disaster that it had become, but enough is enough & I'm so glad I finally gave the junk & misc. stuff the boot! lol I know I absolutely love drooling over others people sewing areas & fabrics stash's so I've got a treat for you. I'm warning you, photo overload ahead!

This is my main fabric storage hutch. My husband built this for me back when I was into scrapbooking & I must say I think it looks much better with fabric instead of paper on it! lol My machine is here & I have plenty of counter space to lay projects out on.

This is the first thing you see when you walk into my sewing room. My temporary design wall,(must get a bigger one asap!) cutting counter & most of my scraps & tools are right here.
On my wall are my current projects. Blocks I am collecting from my weekender friends to be made into a weekender bag & the beginnings of a scrappy pouch for a swap.

I made this valance last year with some momo layer cake squares I was given. Sew perfect don't you think?;-)

Another shot of my cutting counter. This is one of favorite views & makes me so happy. I'm also happy to report that I've been able to keep it clean & am more motivated after a project to put everything away so it doesn't stay messed up. Yay for me!

My husband also made this cabinet for me & I am so blessed to have such a talented & supportive hubby! The slot under the top is perfect for storing my poster boards.

This shelf is filled with a few fabric bundles I won & my charm pack collection.

Perle thread, vintage ric.rac & buttons hang out on this shelf. I use the clipboard with very sophisticated sticky notes to keep track of currant swaps & deadlines.

This lovely hanging hoop was made for me by the lovely Krista of Spotted Stone Studio. She was my partner in the swap & I simply adore it & use it all the time!

Scraps & leftover binding get tossed in this basket.

I received this beauty in a swap from the lovely Jackie of chloeandme. Its the perfect place to keep my more currant WIP.

Hoop wall art. Both swapped & thrifted for.;-)

My main scrap storage is this awesome metal organizer I picked up for a few $ at a garage sale once. It's already overflowing though!

Fat Quarters are kept in these baskets & in color order of course! This is the most recent piece of furniture my hubby built for me & I love being able to shelve these & have them looking pretty.

Just a peek into the baskets for all you fabric lovers!!

A few bigger WIP are hung on hangers & looking pretty hanging from the closet door. I can never hide this stuff away you know! It makes me too happy seeing it out!

To the right of my sewing counter, thread, a Christmas mini & vintage hoops. I find these for .50-.75 all the time & like to keep them around for quick projects.

My "collection" "stash" or whatever else you might want to call it!=) I can never pass up a good deal & I've been able to find a good bit of my collection for good deals around here where people are not very tuned into to "modern fabrics". That & I've also done a good bit of swapping, helped others "destash" & of course shopped for the most recent "must haves" online.

 I like to display all the adorable pouches & goodies I've received in swaps that aren't currently in use. I'm sure some of you will recognize the ones you've so lovingly made for me! I adore every single of them!!

My prized Heather Ross scraps & Fq's & my basket of echino scraps.

The view from my sewing machine! It's so happy!

My vintage button collection.
More vintage jars on top of my shelves. These hold anything from buttons, to vintage trims, to zippers, to key fob hardware.
I hope you enjoyed the tour of my sewing room & if you made it to the end, yay!!! ;-) I promise I actually spared you about half the photos & if you beg ask nicely, I might even show you the more detailed fabric shots. lol

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  1. I want to come sew with you in that beautiful room! Was feeling very lazy this morning but I think you've just inspired me to go get sewing xx

  2. Oh, you are happy woman!!! Your sewing space is really perfect :) Jolana

  3. Quite the transformation!! And it's even more beautiful in person. It was fun picking out my Bible cover fabrics from your'endless'stash!

  4. Wow! I'm am in awe of your sewing space, and totally jealous! Thanks for sharing the eye-candy :) May I ask how long it took you to accumulate that stash? I've been sewing less than a year and would LOVE a stash like that :)

  5. Wow, your sewing space is amazing! And you have a seriously awesome fabric stash. New item for my "perfect man" checklist: can and will build wonderful sewing room furniture...

  6.! What an amazing and totally inspiring space! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I will be visiting this post time and again to savor the details and ooh and ahh over your fabrics. I love my husband to pieces, but oh goodness wouldn't I love him even more if he could build me furniture! Lucky girl! :)


  7. I love your room. And seeing the wallet I made you in our first swap reminds me how we both didn't know it was supposed to be a secret. I can hardly wait to really decorate my space.

  8. I think I'm speechless.

    Okay, I have regained my composure. Wow. What a stash, and what a lovely, happy place to sew it in!

  9. I loved peeking inside your sewing space Karen! Thanks so much for sharing. You have so many beautiful handmade items in there and what a lovely stash! I was so thrilled to see some blocks I made you on your design wall too ;)

  10. First, do you loan out your skilled hubby? lol j/k :P I think my very favorite thing in your room is your gumball/thread holder! that is adorable! thanks for sharing :D
    xoxo melzie

  11. WOW! Thanks for sharing you learn so much about someone from their space, your view is VERY happy!!! Love that gumball machine. I think I'm going to start collecting zippers. I just did my first one. And thanks for the fabric peek, of course we want to see more!!!

  12. I love your sewing space, and love what your hubbie made you. I just moved and have half the space I used to have before, so I am haing to adjust a lot of things!

  13. Lovely!! I would be so nice to have one room dedicated to sewing but I must be content by my little space!! I love your furniture and the gumball machine!! Thanks for sharing! So many great fabrics too!!!

  14. How amazing and absolutely inspirational!! Just looking at it makes me happy happy happy! Glad to know I'm not the only one with a lot of fabric!

  15. Wow! That is a beautiful, organized space! You must be so calm and happy there, and who could blame you? I think we're all green with envy (but really happy for you) and inspired to get ourselves organized. Now for a hubby who will make such nice shelves...just kidding! Mine is wonderful and has made many studio pieces for me (but I'm still showing him these photos)

  16. This is the prettiest sewing room I've seen. I'll be changing a few things in mine and hope it can be as well organized as yours !

    I haven't been in a swap for a while and destashed a lot of fabric and I must say, I miss having a "stash" at all !

  17. If you have to many scraps I'd love to have some. I live in a little down called Yorktown Tx away from everything and every one lol but its true. you have a great sewing room.


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