Monday, August 26, 2013

A fabric folding tutorial

I've received a few questions on how I fold my fabric on my shelves, so I've put together a quick little tutorial for you. I started with a one yard cut, but I also fold my half yards with this method.

1. fold fabric in half length wise

2.Bring top of fabric down to the middle

3. Bring bottom half up & fold it over the part you just folded down, making a nice clean edge on both sides

4. bring the left side over & fold it in half, matching up the ends again. Now you have a perfect rectangle ready to stack on your shelf!  

5. Stack & enjoy your nice neat pile of beauties!=)

I've always folded my yardage this way & really love the way it showcases the print & how neatly you're able to stack them. Now go & have fun folding some of your own!!!

Happy folding & fabric stashing!!    xxKaren

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