Thursday, October 25, 2012

scrappy swap 2012

I was very honored to be asked by Kat to join her as co-mama in the scrappy swap 2012!!! She was my partner in the first round of the swap & we hit it off quite well! 

The swap is just beginning, as sign ups have ended & we are working on partner match ups & will be sending out partner information shortly.
It's a great small & no stress swap. All you have to swap is a fq worth of scraps, a small handmade goodie & a local goodie not totaling over $3.00. 

Here is the inspiration mosaic I made for my partner to give her ideas of what I'd love to receive. I am such a sucker for swaps & love the fun in stalking my partner to find out her likes & then sewing her something she'll hopefully! love!:)

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  1. I love your mosaic. So many cute things! Have fun with your swap!


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