Wednesday, June 20, 2012

low volume

I discovered a new QAL on flickr about two weeks ago, called the Low Volume QAL & boy was I suckered in fast!! I absolutely love these types of quilts, so it didn't take me long to find the first free moment I had & start pulling out fabrics that were "low volume" in nature. Now I have stacks like this sitting on my cutting table.

           This is the first three strips!! I was so excited that they were turning out how I saw it in my 
                                                      head! It doesn't always work that way, does it! lol 

                                       Here it is with two more strips added in in a wider width.

 And this week I've added yet two more!! I am really, really loving this quilt more with every row! My goal is a queen size! Do you think I can get it there? I'd love it if any one has any other low volume fabrics they wouldn't mind swapping me. The more variety the better! I am also thinking at this point that I may add in more solid whites & tans, especially after seeing this quilt! Isn't that A.Mazing?!! Wow! I am so impressed!

                                                    Here's a close up view of the fabrics for you.

                       So now when I stop in at the fabric shop I am walking out with stacks like this!:)

                                                         And like this one! So fun!

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Edited 7.26  I'm linking this up to Crazy mom quilts. The beautiful quilt in Sunday morning Quilts was a huge inspiration to me!


  1. Wow! I love this! I have never heard of a low volume quilt before,but I want to try it.
    Your quilt is going to be great! I'm off to check my stash for these kinds of fabrics...

  2. I just dropped in from Lynne's. I recently caught on to this idea of low volume fabrics when I saw Crazy Mom's quilt....from Sunday Morning Quilts. I really want to make one but have VERY few of these fabrics in my stash! Yours is lovely!

  3. This is the most inspiring thing I've seen in a long time--beautiful work! :)

  4. Your low volume key is looking great - simply love your fabric selections

  5. I'd never heard of low volume either. What a great idea!

  6. I haven't heard of this either- it looks like great fun! Off to my stash to see what I've got :)
    Shawn @


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