Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Girls Twirly Skirt!

Today I have a wonderful little skirt to share with you! My lovely friend Kat of Flutter Kat  has just released her new Girls twirly skirt pattern & we were honored to get to test it for her this past week! I cant say enough about this pattern & if you have little girls to sew for I highly recommend you go & purchase it right away! I made the size 3 for Anna & it took just under a half yard of fabric & less than 45 min. from start to finish to sew! I told you need it! It will be so easy to whip up a bunch to match all those cute tops you have!
Anna was thrilled with her new skirt & yes she helped me "pick out" the fabric & proudly showed it to her daddy when he came home!=)



I love the tip from Kat on stretching out the elastic & sewing a line down the center to keep it from rolling. Genius & more professional finish as well!

Forgive the 3yr. old action shots! It is so hard to hold still you know! =)
Now head on over to Kat's  & get yourself one of these easy peasy twirly skirt patterns!
Happy sewing!! xKaren

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