Thursday, April 11, 2013

Modernista swap received!!!

I am so, so excited with my first time in the modernista swap!!!!! (you'll remember my last post with the mini quilt that I sent to my partner Marika .) I am happy to report that it was a huge hit & looks gorgeous in her sewing room!

I couldnt be happier with the GORGEOUS pillow I received from my partner Tiffany !!!!! I had a few ways you could go from my mosaic & she made a perfect representation of one! I love the x&+ blocks, as you know I had asked the girls in the Bee Modern group to make me x&+ blocks in aqua, grey & mustard yellow. I specifically want to incorporate prints from Lotta's Echo & Bella lines in my living room. Anyway, she made me an absolutely perfect pillow along those lines! I think I'll just stop talking now & show it to you.

Can you see how I am so blown away?!! So Fantastic. I feel so very lucky & sent a huge, huge thank you to Tiffany. It is just so perfect & seriously gigantic!! It measures in at 24" I think!! lol thanks again Tiffany for a awesome first time in the Modernista & I'm already looking forward to the next round! :)

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