Friday, May 11, 2012

A sewing room curtain!

I joined the fun new  "My Precious" QAL on flickr as soon as it started, but it took me all month to decide what to make! I have quite a few of fabric's I would call "my precious" & how to choose which ones to use & what to sew with them? 
I mulled over it for awhile, thinking I really wanted to use my bit of "wonderland" ( jellyroll or charm pack) when a fellow quilter in the QAL offered me her unused wonderland scissors layer cake squares!!! Umm, yes please! And Thank you! 
So now I have all these lovely squares & I thought, you know I've been meaning to sew a new curtain for the sewing room to replace the dark red waverly one that's been in there for a few years, so why not use a few of these 10" squares? Perfect size! 
I sewed six blocks together & then added a double layer strip of off white kona to the top & bottom, sewing a casing to fit the curtain rod already there.
 I couldn't be happier when I walk into my sewing room & see this! It brightens it up so much & adds that perfect whimsical touch. Even my 5yr. old daughter says it's beautiful & even nicer than hers!:)

I am so happy to have used a bit of "my precious" & am linking up to Kelly's as my May project in the QAL! 

This is also my project for the week in Amy's one thing one week challenge!! Yay, for setting goals & getting them done! 

Also linking up with amylouwho & sew & tell friday!


  1. What a cute idea! Perfect for a sewing room!

  2. What a fabulous idea and the perfect fabric choice for your sewing room! Hope it inspires me to finally cover my naked windows;-)

  3. Perfect for a sewing room and I have the same layer cake. Maybe that's what I can do with the scissor prints. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Oh wow, whimsical and so cheerful! What a great idea! I haven't made curtains in a long time but it is amazing how they change a whole room. Maybe I'll work on some new curtains soon - adorable!!

  5. I love this!- At 70yrs old I have finally got round to making my little box room into a sewing room and would love to use your curtain idea but I'm not sure what type of curtain hanger you are using?
    What is the curtain hanger called so I can look on the internet

  6. Have now made my valance for the sewing room using a 4patch design, looks great. Thank you for giving me the idea


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